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Multi-Genre Challenge

Last week, you got to see a few 6th graders and their books; this week, we highlight 7th graders. One of the foundations of our Middle School Language Arts program is the belief that both literate and literary thinking can and should take place as we read any book. As a result, students choose the vast majority of the books they read and are able to practice analyzing texts even as they enjoy books of their choice.

MS Book Talks

As a community of readers in middle school, we like to encourage each other to read different texts. To embrace this, sixth-graders shared a book they have read and would strongly recommend to others. They created videos and presented 45 seconds to 2:30 minute-long book talks. They gave brief and original summaries of the basic plot, reasons why the book they chose is worth reading, and evidence to support the reason. The students also practiced making eye contact, maintaining adequate volume, using clear pronunciation, and varying tone and rate for interest. If you're undecided about what to read next, just ask a 6th grader!

MS Design Tech

Middle School Design Tech students have continued developing their creativity and learning at home during this time of distance learning. They have been encouraged to develop projects that can be completed with supplies around their house and encourage them to interact with their families. Several students have chosen to explore chain reactions through creating Rube Goldberg Machines and have had some amazing results! 

Arabic Class Field Trip to Jordan Museum

Arabic D students visited the Jordan Museum in Ras AlAin as part of their unit of study, where they explored the 1001 inventions exhibition, and learned about the Arab Muslim civilization and the Arab scientists and inventors and their contribution in the development of science and technology. The exhibition was interactive for the students as they engaged in different learning activities

MS Art students visit to the National Gallery of Fine Arts

On Tuesday morning, 7th and 8th grade MS art students visited the National Gallery of Fine Arts.  They analyzed artworks using MUSE QUESTS (Questions FOR Understanding, Exploring, Seeing, and Thinking) developed by Project MUSE. 

In small groups they took turns posing questions such as 'What object or shape did you see first in this work of art? Why do you think this is the first thing that you noticed?' and 'What can you tell from this work of art about the story of the person who made it, or the time or place in which he or she lived?' These questions helped the students to look closely at the artwork in front of them, to each share their perspectives and responses, and respectfully encourage one another to to engage in looking closely, making connections, offering viewpoints, uncovering complexity, wondering, etc. The QUEST is as much about the journey as it is the destination.  

Book Trivia Challenge!

The ES LC hosted the Book Trivia Challenge on Monday, February 24th. The four teams prepared for the challenge by reading several books and becoming familiar with the plots and characters. It was a fierce competition but in the end, only one team can win.

Congratulations to the Vicious Readers on their remarkable win!

Thank you to all the participants for their enthusiasm and hard work, parents for their incredible support, and Readers Bookstore for sponsoring our event.

Kindergartners learn about Healthy Food!

As part of the Arabic program, we hosted the "Nutrikids" team for a workshop on encouraging our children to eat healthy and balanced food in the LC. This was done by reading a story about a boy who chose healthy food. Ms. Ala Al Omari and Ms. Lima Abu Al Furs read the story "Mufeed" to our KG students and engaged them in activities in Arabic about healthy eating.

Original Upcycled Jewelry

This is a school project at ACS Amman that uses ISTE technology standards, as well as the Design Thinking method to create products through the lens of a social entrepreneur. By upcycling and recycling scraps found in the Design Mill @ACS, students were able to create 100% unique jewelry pieces to sell. All proceeds will be donated to the Collateral Repair Project, on sale Monday, Feb. 10th. Click here to visit the project website. 


On Wednesday night, students took to the stage for the TedxYouth@ACSAmman event.  The theme for this year, "2020 Vision," inspired the speakers to share ideas about a wide range of topics that are personal to the interests and passions of each student.  This student-run event was made possible by the hard work and dedication of both the speakers and event organizers, without whom this event would not have been a success.

German Expressionists and Jawlensky MS Art Unit

Grade 7 and 8 art students are studying a unit on self-portraits. They have looked at the German Expressionists and Jawlensky and using oil pastels, created self-portraits in his style. 

The German Expressionists use non-naturalist colors that portray mood and emotion. Our artists created a color chart using colors that are significant to them to use as a reference when creating their own work. 

ES LC Movie Night

The ES LC Movie night in collaboration with the Compassion Committee was a hit with our students yesterday! It was a wonderful event in the library where students in 3rd - 5th grade gathered to watch The Water Horse. Each participating student brought in a warm blanket or jacket to be donated to the CRP. The ACS community was very generous in donating items to the Collateral Repair Project (CRP). 

Memory Project

The Memory Project is a charitable nonprofit organization that helps to cultivate global kindness by creating portraits for children around the world who have faced substantial challenges, such as violence, war, extreme poverty, neglect, and loss of parents. Read more about the project here Last semester we created portraits for young Pakistani male orphans aged between 6 and 9 years old. Our students worked hard to create portraits that will be sent to the boys to show them that people do care.