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Thursday with Larry

Click here to watch the recording of Thursday with Larry on May 14, 2020.


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A Message of Love to our ACS Students

HS Students Living the Mission & Student Profile

ACS Community Union

Suhail Halaby has been developing a website that is tasked with bridging the divide between students and student leadership programs. Sometime during the process he found that this website could prove far more useful in the long run than he had personally anticipated. Thereby, he began reaching out to various clubs in order to establish their presence as part of this conduit of communication. 

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ACS HS students are demonstrating habits of learning to their full potential by embarking on passion projects from home. Students are thinking critically and analytically, creating and innovating and effectively communicating as they undertake plans of action that push student agency to the limits. In accordance with ISTE standards, students in Design Tech classes are designing their own learning plans that coincide with their interests and passions. The range of projects is wide, educative, engrossing and most importantly, fun. From culinary arts to fashion; shooting short films to designing professional wrestling personas; blogging about life in quarantine to gardening; coding video games to writing graphic novels. Even in the face of adversity, ACS HS students continue to push forward with creativity, a passion for learning and a desire to make the world a much more awesome place to live in! ACS students want to encourage you to do the same. 

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