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ACS Habibtat for Humanity

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Our high schoolers have been busy building yet another home in Salt city, as part of their community service hours. It seems like they are now on a roll and everyone is on autopilot! They know the routine, procedures, and what needs to be done. Teams have been formed naturally and groups have chosen roles they are most comfortable with. With each passing day, the students were able to see how the home they helped build was starting to rise gradually, and it is such a humbling experience knowing they played a huge role in that. Our students learned how to work with shovels, mix cement, lay bricks using trowels and level rulers, did a human assembly line to move bricks from one point to another, among many other strenuous tasks. After their hard work, they were presented with 'mana'eesh' and tea by the hosts. At the end of their time there, the hosts also graciously presented a delicious traditional lunch feast. To view more pictures, visit our Facebook Page: ACS Habitat for Humanity May 2017