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Commitment to Service

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


ACS students are committed to seeking focused opportunities to contribute to our local and global community. Everyday we see our compassionate students giving back to the community in which we live. This week, we are proud to share another example of how hard work and dedication can result in something great. Congratulations to Tamara on the grand opening of the Traffic Park in the UNRWA Jerash Camp Preparatory School for Girls that she funded. Read on to learn more from Tamara about her project:

The Gaza Camp, situated in the city of Jerash, is the poorest among the ten Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. The UNRWA Jerash Camp Preparatory School for Girls educates 1400 girls from the Gaza Camp as well as 500 girls from neighboring communities.

As a part of our Community Service, Hana and I visited the camp and met the beautiful girls attending this school. We felt that we wanted to contribute by creating a playground area on a piece of land, dedicated to us by the school. The idea started with a play area and developed into an educating traffic park. This playground is an exciting way for the girls to enjoy their day at school however also serving as a way to educate them on crossing roads and later on safety of driving through traffic, an issue that we struggle with here in Jordan.

Through bake sales, a henna booth during last year’s Celebration of Cultures, and donation stands during school events, over 2700 JD was raised to help fund this project. Thank you to the Palestinian table at the Celebration of Cultures and the rest of ACS community who were the major supporters of funding this project and making it happen.

To view more photos of the opening, click on the following link: Traffic Park Grand Opening