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Swimming Program FAQs

When will the ACS Aquatic Center be open?

There are many detailed and specific needs in opening the pool that will determine when we can start using the Aquatic Center.  However, we are getting closer everyday. 

Please preview the website for details about various offerings in aquatics. At the time the pool opens we will communicate to the ACS community how and when you can register for programs and any other updates.

What is the ACS aquatic program pricing list and unit pricing sheet and what is it for?

The pricing sheet helps create a unit based measure to compare different programs.  The unit of measure for comparison is cost per hour.  Because programs are different durations, different number of days per week, and different prices it is hard to compare them.  By calculating the cost per hour you can compare different programs.  As you will see the price per hour goes down as the number of hours goes up despite those programs being more expensive.

What is the ACS Aquatics Program Price List & Unit pricing sheet based on?

Prices are based upon and competitive with both Amman and US comparable markets and swim clubs.

How are payments calculated?

While this pricing sheet indicates monthly equivalents of lessons or practices to compare different groups, payments are made for the duration of the session. Session beginning and ending dates as well as days off are communicated at the time of registration and payment. Typically a session will include all the lessons or practices from the beginning of school to the winter break and from the beginning of January to the summer break.

What is LTS?

LTS stands for learn-to-swim and is ACS’s swim lesson program.

Why are the lessons only 30 minutes in duration?

Learn-to-Swim lessons plus privates, duos, and trios are scheduled as 30 minute lessons. This is best practice based on age and ability level that ensures students are focused and motivated without sloppy technique due to over-extended time periods.

How many times does my swimmer meet for learn-to-swim?

Learn-to-Swim lessons meet at a minimum 1 time per week. Swimmers may add additional times in a week to their schedule. For example, 2 or 3 times per week as an option. Please know that learning to swim may benefit as much from extended durations of time (over many weeks) as as compared to  many lessons in a week for a shorter duration of time (over 3 weeks only). However, if are planning on doing lessons for a long duration of time too, then extra sessions per week are okay as long as your child loves to swim.

What are the group sizes of learn-to-swim?

Learn-to-Swim groups start at 4 swimmers per instructor when they are first learning water confidence and safety and then progress to 5, 6, and 7 as they begin to learn their various strokes. This maximizes group instruction and minimizes down time. It also affords the most conservative safety recommendations.

What’s after learn-to-swim?

A swimmer may start in our Learn-to-Swim program with no swimming experience and graduate from the highest group knowing how to swim all 4 strokes competitively. Once they have graduated from the Learn-to-Swim program they may join one of our other non-competitive (such as ES/MS after school activity) or competitive team such as Scorpion Swim Academy or MS/HS SAISA, Athens, or ACS Invite.

Can my swimmer participate in swim meets while being in learn-to-swim?

Swimmers in the Learn-to-Swim program may participate in ACS swim meets upon coach recommendations in the strokes they are able to be successful in.

How do I schedule a private, duo, or trio?

Privates, Duos, & Trios are scheduled upon request and dependent on instructor and pool space availability.

How do I pay for masters and adult lap swim?

Masters and Adult Lap are designed to be flexible and meet as many people’s needs as possible.  Swimmers are always able to drop-in assuming there is space. Discounts are available for punch cards (you use them when you show) and monthly contracts (you agree to pay a reduced rate regardless of your attendance). Careful selection is needed as refunds have conditions that must be met. Currently, Masters and Adult Lap swim are only for ACS parents, staff, and alumni.

What is the validity of the discounts?

Punch cards are good for the duration of the session purchased.  Monthly contracts are made at a reduced price for consistent participants.

Are there refunds?

Discounts are made in good faith; however, we understand there are unpredictable circumstances.  Refunds will require a recalculation of fees paid based on your actual attendance.   You also will sacrifice your priority status to pre-register ahead of others for the next session if spaces are limited.

What are the SRII am practice costs and who are they for?

SRII (1-5 x am) are additional workouts in the AM on top of the SRI PM workout schedule. For each additional AM workout per week (i.e. Mon AM or MW AM) you would pay an additional 5 or 10 JD per month. Morning workout time may be subject to PM fees during MS/HS seasons for swimmers wishing to swim extra.