Health Checklist

We will be asking each family to assess the health of their children with the “ACS Home Health Checklist” which will be sent later this week.  This will be a simple form to assist parents in checking their children's health status before sending them to school.  

  • If your child is NOT coming to school, we will ask you to complete an absence document via PowerSchool that is easy to access and submits directly to the school.  A QR code to easily connect you is part of the checklist. There will be a reporting mechanism (a new process)  in place to report if your child will not be attending.   
  • If your child is not feeling well DO NOT send them to school.  More specific information about symptoms, home health checks, and accountability for keeping your children at home when they are sick will be coming soon.   If they come to school and they are not feeling well, they will be placed in our isolation room and you will be expected to pick them up. 

You may consult with the ACS Health Center via our school Nurse, Hiyam Gammoh-Jahshan at