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Dr. Dick Krajczar’s Legacy at ACS

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Dr. Dick Krajczar had a significant impact on the growth and development of ACS during his tenure as Superintendent from 1979-1989. Thirty years after he departed ACS, we can still see the footprints he left behind. Dr. Krajczar facilitated the school's first accreditation visit, obtained proper licensing for the school through the local Ministries and Municipalities, he worked with the government to allow Jordanians to attend ACS, he held the first graduation ceremony at the ancient Roman city of Jerash where the tradition holds till this day, and he broke ground and worked on the planning and construction of the Athletics and Fine Arts center. Dr. Krajczar was also a long-standing member of NESA and served as their President for many years. 
Before his arrival, the ACS mascot was the Falcon and the school colors were blue and white.  At that time, Dr. Krajczar was a founding member of the EMAC activities league and there were three other schools in the conference with the same mascot and colors.  He somehow learned that when the American International School in Kabul had shut down due to the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, all of the school's sports equipment was boxed and stored.  He worked with the US State Department to have all of the uniforms, equipment, etc. from Kabul shipped to Jordan. Their mascot was the Scorpion and their colors were black and gold. And this is how ACS Amman came to become the home of the Scorpions, represented by black and gold!

Given his contribution to ACS, and to international schools over the last 40 years, the ACS Board of Trustees has agreed to name the facility he helped build in his honor.

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