Early Years Program

The Early Years Program at the American Community School is a one year program in which our students gradually learn the skills they will need to succeed in Kindergarten and the grades following.

The age cutoff date for incoming students is September 1:

  • Early Years = 4 years old

We believe that children are capable, competent, life-long learners who grow and develop at their own rate in enriching, safe and dynamic inquiry-based learning environments. We believe in developmentally appropriate practice and promote constructive, purposeful play with a focus on individual strengths, needs and interests.

We believe the interaction with the natural world is essential to free-range play, so our children have outdoor play spaces and gardens where they can create, explore, be imaginative and physically expressive. We believe in focusing on the whole child and fostering ongoing family partnerships. We strive for children to develop a love for learning, to realize their potential and to become independent members of our diverse and rich community.