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Learning Support

The American Community School aims to respond to the diverse needs of students who encounter mild difficulties in the learning process through the Learning Support program. Students experiencing a specific challenge require support in the development of learning acquisition skills and strategies that will enable them to succeed within the mainstream class.  Through on-going observation, assessment and evaluation teachers can establish the steps students need to follow in order to be successful in their learning.

ACS defines students with mild learning difficulties as students who require additional support in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, math, language processing and organizational/study habits.  Students with mild learning difficulties are within one year of grade level expectations and do not require instructional modification to the mainstream educational program.  ACS defines modification as a change in the curriculum in terms of goals, expectations, level of performance or content.

ACS provides limited services to students with learning difficulties. Students with mild learning difficulties will be considered for enrollment as long as ACS can responsibly serve their learning needs. ACS will not generally admit students with moderate to severe learning difficulties

Typical ES Learning Support Program at ACS

  Direct Services Indirect Services

Elementary School
Grades 1 to 5

  • A need-based schedule is created by which students will receive 2 or more support sessions weekly of a minimum of 20 minutes each. This support is a combination of push-in (in the regular classroom) and pull-out (in the Learning Support classroom) depending on the needs of the student
  • Differentiation 
  • Accommodations 
  • Collaboration with content teachers
  • Provision of resources to teachers
  • Classroom level accommodations