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Early Years Program

The Preschool Program at the American Community School is a two year program in which our pupils gradually learn the skills they will need to succeed in Kindergarten and the grades following.

The age cutoff date for incoming students is September 1:

  • Early Years = 4 years old

At ACS,  the children participate in a variety of activities that:

  1. balance play and structured time
  2. promote development in the areas of social-emotional, physical and cognitive skills
  3. emphasize building English language skills

When you visit our classrooms, you will see children engaged in various centers set up with blocks, puzzles, games, books, music writing tools, art supplies, and areas for dramatic play.

As children work and play with their peers, they learn to: 

  • be flexible in their thinking.
  • express themselves independently.
  • experiment with different roles.
  • work through worries in a safe environment.
  • sort and organize objects.
  • make decisions through negotiation and compromise.
  • improvise and use materials in a symbolic way.
  • carry out ideas with the cooperation of others.