Elementary School Facilities


Our Playgrounds are purpose-built and meant to encourage children to engage in imaginative play. Children are often seen using the playgrounds in creative and fun ways. One day, the playground is a rocket ship and the next day it is a castle. Students can crawl, climb and slide on our playground. They can also find a quiet nook to chat with a friend or read a book. We have two large climbing structures that include bars, slides, ladders, tunnels and tubes. Students also have spaces to play ball games such as 4-Square and Basketball. Adults are always available on the playground to help students solve problems and find new ways to interact with each other and with the playground.

Early Years Program (EYP)

In 2018 the ACS Early Years program was born with its open space and indoor-outdoor learning environment. The simple design and color scheme of the room gives a peaceful feel to the space. It is equipped with child friendly equipment, toys and furniture. The Early Years space is not just a classroom, it is a child’s world where they are free to learn and grow through exploration and play. The playground has been designed with every child’s need in mind. There are busy areas for running and climbing. On the other hand, there are areas for art and pretend-play activities.

ES Learning Commons

The Elementary School Learning Commons is the Learning Hub of our elementary school community. It provides a welcoming, bright, and cheerful common space that encourages exploration, creation, and collaboration among students, teachers, and the ACS Community. The LC space is utilized for class visits/checkouts, mini makerspace, author visits, teacher collaborations, and hosts a myriad of other special events such as Snuggle-Up & Read and Book Trivia. Ultimately, our goal is to continue to inspire students, encourage a culture of literacy, promote curiosity, and empower them to seek new learning experiences.

ES Garden

The ES Garden is made of several beds and 3 compost bins located on the East side of ACS. Growing plants requires patience, evaluation, and reflection. Students work together alongside classmates to ensure that all of the plants in the garden reach their fullest potential. The ACS Community Garden provides ample opportunities to teach about responsibilities in care-taking and problem solving.

ES Music

The music classrooms in the ES are generous in size and purpose-built to encourage the type of learning that we value at ACS.  Music class is a creative and active learning experience in which all K-5 elementary students participate. The classrooms include class sets of Recorders, Ukuleles, African Drums, Xylophones and Metallophones, Rainbow Glockenspiels, Boomwhackers, Percussion instruments such as shakers, sticks, triangles, wood blocks and 12 keyboards. Students learn many skills in the elementary school music program. These skills include how to perform, listen, describe and sing all types of music.

ES Art

The ES Visual Art space is set up to accommodate the needs of our artistic students. It constitutes two large studio spaces with furniture and equipment for various kinds of creative production. The rooms comprises rectangular tables, easels and flexible seating. In addition to typically offered programs offering painting and drawing, the classrooms host equipment for: making pottery complete with on site kiln and pug mill firing and recycling clay and ceramics, a loom for weaving fabric, materials for drawing, painting and printmaking, a storage room and art assistant to help with organization.

ES Sensory Room

The sensory room is available so students can be provided with occupational therapy using the sensory integration approach, as well as to provide our students with the sensory input needed during their school day. The room includes equipment that aim on stimulating the vestibular, tactile and proprioceptive input through the use of swings, exercise balls, textured material, etc. The purpose is to provide our student with the different sensory experiences they may need during their day in order to facilitate their learning experience.

ES Classroom

ES Classrooms are purpose-built spaces that are set up to encourage the type of learning that we value at ACS. The classrooms are generous in size and include flexible seating options, access to technology, and space for students to collaborate. The ES classrooms are set up so that students can move around the room as needed for small group work, independent learning, and whole class meetings. You can see evidence of student learning and our classroom communities in the classrooms.