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Strategic Priorities

Priority 1: Teaching & Learning

Outcome: We will provide students with a rigorous standards-based program of study and effective classroom instruction grounded in real-life experiences that are relevant and developmentally appropriate.

Context: We are a learning-focused school. To prepare students to be effective and contributing citizens, they must have the knowledge, skills, and competencies to face the changing dynamics of the world.

Priority 2: Learning Environment

Outcome: We will provide a safe, respectful, and productive learning community. We will make creative use of environmentally sustainable spaces that celebrate student learning and inspire collaboration, innovation, creativity, and communication through multiple means.

Context: A positive, respectful, and productive school climate is conducive to student achievement. Purposefully and thoughtfully designed learning environments; both physical and virtual, have an impact on student learning.

Priority 3: Community Engagement

Outcome: We will strengthen our relationships with each other and seek focused opportunities to contribute to our local and global community.

Context: Respect is a cornerstone of the ACS Mission. Regardless of nationality, religion, or language, our school is a welcoming, compassionate and respectful community.

Priority 4: Healthy Balance

Outcome: We will promote balanced and healthy lifestyles for our community.

Context: A healthy lifestyle is crucial to high performance. Healthier people are happier and more productive. 

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