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Grade 5 Reading Challenge

Monday, May 20, 2019

What better way to encourage students to read than with linking it in to a challenge! Read the article below written by Madelyn from Mrs. Kellison's Grade 5 class where she shares about the reading challenge her class was given this year:  

Reading is a very important part of learning and fifth grade students are required to read every night and record the minutes in a reading log for homework. To motivate her class, Mrs. Kellison challenged the students to read 200,000 minutes by the end of the school year. If the class met the challenge, Mrs. Kellison agreed to dye the tips of her hair.

By the time May rolled around, 5K had already read 190,000 minutes. With only 10,000 minutes left to achieve their goal, the students started reading extra minutes whenever they could, surpassing the required 45 minutes a night. Some students were reading for over two hours a night! On May 15th, the class exceeded the goal of 200,000 minutes!!!! The students voted for Mrs. Kellison to dye her hair purple! The art teacher, Ms. Pachachi, joined the fun and now they both have purple hair!!

With just a few days left of school, Mrs. Kellison’s students have a new reading challenge. Be sure to ask them about it.