The American Community School currently has two High School Counselors and an Administrative Assistant. The High School College Counselor’s primary role is to help students navigate the admission process to college starting from 9th grade onwards; and the High School Guidance Counselor’s focus is helping with the social/emotional needs of the students. Both counselors are committed to supporting the emotional and academic goals/needs of the ACS students grades 9 - 12.

To contact our High School Counseling Department, please click on their names:

Ruba Kurdi
Director of College Counseling

Maha Ismail
High School Counselor  

Svetlana Zeine
Administrative Assistant


MaiaLearning is an integral part of the HS Counseling program. MaiaLearning is a college and career readiness platform that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals. Its comprehensive college and career planning solutions optimize student success, enhance school counselor productivity, and track results for schools and administrators.
All ACS high school students have individual accounts through MaiaLearning, a web based program for students' recording personal profile information, resume creation and many other features. Surveys are used to explore personality traits and investigate careers that match particular profiles. The emphasis is for students to learn more about themselves and about the numerous post-secondary options to better plan their high school program and ultimately determine colleges and majors for career preparation.

Students, parents and guests can reach MaiaLearning at this address:

Academic Counseling

Throughout the year, counselors are available to meet with students and parents to discuss and help with academic issues.  In each of the grade levels, counselors meet with students to discuss the various issues that are pertinent to their individual academic concerns. While yearly schedules are tailored to meet the academic requirements of the school; the diverse abilities, talents, and interests of each student are considered and schedules are designed to meet individual needs. 

During 9th Grade, students are introduced to a variety of topics, including transcripts, graduation requirements and the AP Program. In each of the grade level registration meetings, counselors address the issues of course selection and program planning throughout the high school years. From 10th Grade onwards, course selections are carefully tailored with career and college plans in mind. The specific interests and goals of each student are taken into consideration during one-on-one meetings as well as group meetings that utilize the wealth of tools and resources available in addition to the advice of our experienced counselors.

Social/Emotional Counseling

The counselors at ACS all have training and experience in helping students who are struggling with social/emotional issues. We work confidentially with students in identifying strategies to deal with a variety of issues affecting their personal lives and interactions with fellow students. Encourage your son or daughter to see his or her counselor if they need someone to talk to in a supportive, trusting setting.

College and Career Counseling

With a very strong college-going culture, the seeds of self-exploration and career awareness begin from a very early age but take a structured pathway in middle school with the help of our qualified counselors. Using a wide range of resources, students and parents explore the options and are guided along every step of the way with the introduction of a college awareness and career-planning curriculum from 9th Grade onwards.  Our current four-year curriculum of college guidance includes, but is not limited to:

  • Advice on course selection beginning in the freshman year;
  • Assistance in building a portfolio that demonstrates the full range of skills and characteristics;
  • Grade-specific booklets and calendars with important information, dates and deadlines;
  • Student and parent-access-only portal for updates and college information and tools;
  • Counsel on the appropriate timeline for standardized testing;
  • Introduction to career and college research, using a variety of tools and resources;
  • Familiarization with the college application process as well as programs offered directly from the 100 or so college admissions officers that visit our campus every year;
  • Presentations from college admissions professionals that address current trends and relevant issues;
  • Assistance with organizing and managing the various elements of the application process;
  • Workshops on essay writing, financial aid, and filling in applications;
  • Guidance on application strategy and the review of applications;
  • One-on-one sessions with students and parents to address specific issues and to build a balanced college list;
  • Personalized advice on scholarships, NCAA eligibility, summer programs, and gap years.


ACS Amman is a testing site for the following: PSAT, SAT, and ACT. The test dates for the school year are indicated on the school calendar. Registration for SAT and ACT is online.  Registration for the PSAT is automatic for all students in 9th, 10th and 11th Grade, and the test is administered during a school day in October.

For students who have pursued AP courses, these exams are administered in May. Registration for AP exams occurs in late January/early February.