High School Facilities

HS Science Labs

HS Maker Space

The HS Maker Space is a dynamic learning environment where students learn how to take their ideas and make them into reality in Product Design, are introduced to a variety of tools to make their creativity come to life in Design Technology and have the opportunity to explore how to design and build a robot in Robotics class. This space not only gives students the chance explore their passions and develop innovative solutions but are also introduced to concepts and skills that professional designers use to create products and bring them to market and explore how technology is used to innovate and create their own unique designs. Students are exposed to a variety of topics including a design process for creating products, 3D design programs, 3D prototyping machines, and using tools to build and finish objects.

Scorpion Store

ACS offers a Marketing and Retail Management Program to High School students to learn real life skills of retail management by running the Scorpion Store on campus. Students learn marketing, production techniques, finance, advertising and customer service in practice with the goal of promoting Scorpion spirit and a strong sense of community at ACS. The goal of this program is to present students with real life challenges entrepreneurs face in executing their vision. The Scorpion Store gives students the opportunity to build a community store that embodies the school's spirit and culture.