Principal's Message

Welcome to the American Community School of Amman High School!

If you’re reading this page there is a strong likelihood that you are the parent of an adolescent and that you’re seeking more information about the ACS High School program. If you are a parent, you have my respect and admiration for choosing to become one – it is perhaps the greatest challenge an adult can undertake, with the highest intrinsic rewards. As an educator, let me assure you that ACS is a school and community where your child will thrive. 

ACS offers a rich and vigorous curriculum designed to challenge and motivate students. University is the goal of most of our students and our career and guidance counselors will help steer your child toward the most worthwhile choices. The Advanced Placement (AP) program offers a rich array of courses where successful completion enables students greater opportunities in many US and international colleges.

We are a school that is passionate about students playing an active role in their learning experiences, developing collaborative skills as well as reflective and creative thinking skills. Our learning community has high expectations in an encouraging, supportive, and open environment.

The diversity of the ACS Community is an inherent strength. ACS celebrates the richness of a varied population and works to foster the notion of global responsibility. The extra-curricular program rounds out the educational experience for our students with opportunities in sports, visual and performing arts.

Education is the work of optimists. Here in the ACS High School we are eternally optimistic about your child’s future and confident that the experience they receive in this warm community will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

We look forward to your partnership. Once again, a warm welcome to the ACS community!

With Regards,

Jeffrey Wilusz
High School Principal