Obtaining the Equivalency

How to Obtain Tawjihi Equivalency

Documents Needed:

  1. Attendance letter form the school that confirms 3 years of enrollment in high school, and the completion of the credits required for acquiring the High School Diploma 
    Provided by ACS Director of Student Information Services
  2. Original Official Transcript to be stamped by:
    - First from Amid East 
    - Second from the Private Educational Directorate
  3. Official copies of SAT II Scores, ACT and AP Scores
    Provided by College Board or ACT for the ACT scores
  4. Passport copies ID
  5. Fill the forms for equalization of degrees 


All documents to be stamped by Amid East, then stamped by the Private Educational Directorate in Jabal Hussein Duwwar Al Mamouniyyeh, (Authentication Dept.). Once this is done, submit the application to the Ministry of education; Testing Department located in Jabal Wedbdeh.

When all documents are prepared and completed, drop the file and the fees to Ms. Hajjiri. The school will send a deputy to complete the Equivalency for you.

The process takes at least 3 weeks to be completed!

Equivalency Fees: 

  • JD 50: Paid to the Ministry of Education
  • JD 2:  Stamps 


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