1:1 Laptop Program

The 1:1 Laptop Program at the American Community School was launched in 2012 in grades 6 to 12 where students are required to bring a laptop to school for daily use. The use of the laptop has been integrated into the curriculum and facilitates collaboration between peers and teachers. The program also allows greater access to resources that support classroom instruction. 


ACS utilizes PowerSchool, one of the most widely used web-based student information system in the United States and around the world. PowerSchool enables our teachers to enter student grades and notes on their performance to share with parents, creating a collaborative environment for parents to work with the school in making decisions that impact the student's progress.


Naviance is your online partner in college research and planning to make sure your child is in the right college based on their high school profile and career aspirations. With the guidance of our counselor, Naviance will set the way for your child’s future. Students create an account starting from 8th grade and continue to build their profiles throughout their high school years to help them apply to the colleges best suited for them.