MS French Program

French A is an introductory course designed to develop students' ability to use French effectively for purposes of practical communication. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of listening and speaking skills through situations requiring simple grammar and vocabulary. Students improve their oral expression by participating actively in class.  The main topics addressed are: alphabet, numbers, introducing oneself, asking someone’s name, indicating where you are from, asking how people feel, introducing one’s family, talking about date & time, talking about the weather and seasons, describing daily routines and activities, asking questions, answering in the negative, expressing approval or regret, describing yourself and others.

French B is typically for Year 2 French students and emphasizes further practice in developing oral and written skills. The study of more complex structures is accompanied by a heavier emphasis on written expression. The main topics covered are: people, expressing opinions, asking and answering questions, talking about daily activities, talking about places, and talking about school life.

*Prerequisite: French A or a placement test.

French C continues to reinforce and build the student's conversational, reading and writing competency. Students review and reinforce sentence structures from French A and B as well as learn more complex structures.  The main topics are: talking about clothing, discussing shopping plans, asking for help, comparing items, talking about what you need and what you like, giving advice, discussing leisure activities, describing vacation plans, narrating what happened and what is going to happen, talking about favorite foods, asking and giving directions, and learning about the lives of famous French celebrities.

*Prerequisite: French B or a placement test.