MS Spanish Program

Spanish classes in Middle School introduce students to the cultures and language through the four basic language skills: listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Students are taught the curriculum content from level A-C 


Spanish A is an introduction to the Spanish language as well as the varied cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Introductory topics are divided into five main units of study. Students learn to pronounce and read Spanish while being introduced to the alphabet, numbers, basic salutations, weather, and classroom phrases. Students further explore the language through learning the grammatical structures which allow them to describe likes and dislikes; themselves and others; daily schedules and locations; feelings and emotions; foods and family; and finally, shopping, places and events, and getting around town. 

Spanish B is a consolidation of the vocabulary and grammatical concepts learned in Spanish A as well as an expansion of those aspects through an exposure of different topics related to the Spanish-speaking world. The course begins with a review of the vocabulary and the grammar covered in Spanish A. The course introduces students to new vocabulary and grammar in order to describe the different rooms, furniture or chores to do at home; to discuss sports and the importance of being active; to name the parts of the body and discuss health; to name the different terms related to the use of computers and how to send emails; and finally to discuss leisure activities, how to plan a vacation, and the daily routines. More emphasis is placed on the development of writing and oral skills through short essays, skits, and oral presentations.  Students will use different web sites, and watch videos to foster the interpretative communication skills, as well as, the interpersonal and presentational. 

*Prerequisite: Spanish A or a placement test 

Spanish C continues to develop reading, writing and oral skills. Students review and reinforce structures and vocabulary acquired in Spanish A and B as well as learn more complex structures, such as simple past, present progressive, and reflexive verbs. Special emphasis will be placed on the communication and writing skills through daily conversations and oral presentations, as well as blog posts. Students will use the Internet to reinforce reading, audio, writing and oral skills. Reading comprehension will be an integral part of this course as well as summarizing articles, poems, and texts written for Spanish-speakers. 

Students who complete this course should be placed into Spanish II in 9th grade. Students with exceptionally strong written and oral skills may place into Spanish III by taking a placement test. 

*Prerequisite: Spanish B or a placement test.