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Measures of Academic Progress™ (MAP)

Each school year, students from Grade 2 through Grade 8 are scheduled​ to take tests called Measures of Academic Progress™ (MAP). We give students MAP tests to determine their initial instructional level and to measure academic growth throughout the school year, and from year to year, in the areas of Reading, Language Usage, ​and ​Math. Your child will take these tests on a computer.

MAP tests are unique in that they adapt to the level appropriate for your child’s learning.  As a result, each student has the same opportunity to succeed and maintain a positive attitude toward testing. Following each testing period, ​parents will receive a Student Progress Report showing their child’s growth​.​

These tests, along with other teacher-created assessments, will help us analyze your child’s learning. With this information in hand, we will plan your child’s learning program.

For more information on resources for parents, please download the following: Parent Toolkit.

The video below was filmed during one of our parent information sessions about MAP testing. If you would like to view the Google slides presentation in the video, please click on the following link:  Parent Workshop: Understanding MAP Student Progress Reports