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Professional Learning Day

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The professional growth of our staff is a vital component of service to our students.  During our last Professional Development day on Monday, April 17 some of the areas of focus for our teams were:

  • Critiquing assessments
  • Creating and formatting common assessments
  • Reviewing student intervention plans and adjusting as necessary
  • Providing peer feedback on selected skills
  • Enhancing our work with curriculum development

The day focused around the collaborative work that is essential to a vibrant and engaging professional community.

We also wanted to highlight and celebrate some of the great cultural aspects of Jordan by hosting a Jordanian themed lunch. Mansaf was served along with traditional coffee and concluded with staff members doing the traditional dabkeh performance with varying degree of success!  The hour lunch break with a focus on Jordan's traditions was a great break from the engaging and focused work our staff.