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Shout Out to KG-K Students!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

KGK 2015-2016 students worked hard last year to create a wonderful class book. They published and printed a book called "Special" which highlights how special each person is. The book was sold at ACS and the children made 3,700 JD. They used their earnings to cover two students' full tuition for 2016/2017 plus half the tuition of another student at The Badwa Center for Special Education. The Badwa Center is a branch of The Mental Health Society for Special Education. It is the first national society in Jordan specialized in training, educating and rehabilitating those with special needs (ranging from simple to moderate mental disabilities). The Badwa Center schools 60 disadvantaged children. The main aim of the center is to educate and provide vocational training, and to assist the students to professionally and socially adapt and integrate into society. The center also provides the students' families with guidance and counseling.