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Payroll Forms

Attached are documents that you will need to submit to setup your payroll. To ensure you get your salary without any delays, please complete, scan and upload the forms using the following link: ACS HR Forms Uploads.

Below please find a description of each form needed:

  1. International Wire and/or Direct Deposit Form:  This is to be utilized for employee banking information.  If you have a U.S. bank account then the Direct Deposit form should be used and the Int'l Wire form for all Non-U.S. bank accounts.
  2. IRS Form W-4:  This should be completed by all U.S. citizens.  It allows you to declare exemptions and supplies us with your Social Security number
  3. IRS Form 673:  This should be completed by all U.S. citizens.  It allows you to declare an exemption for Federal withholding tax.
  4. IRS Form W-8:  This should be completed by all Non-U.S. citizens. This allows you to declare your citizenship so that we can exempt you from all U.S. Tax Withholding. (Instructions for the Form W-8)

To recap:

  • All U.S. Citizens should complete Form 673, W-4, and one banking form (after deciding whether you want your salary in the US or Jordan).
  • All Non-U.S. Citizens should complete Form W-8 and one banking form (again, depending on whether you want your salary wired to Jordan or a bank outside of the US).

If you should have any questions please feel free to contact Samar Dajani, we look forward to working with you.

Have a great summer and a very successful year.