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Humans of Gaza Camp

There seems to be no end in sight to the refugee crisis in the Middle East. From as early as 1948, people from Syria, Iraq, and Palestine continue to arrive into the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, looking for safety and shelter. In most cases, the refugees have exhausted their savings and have been forced to leave their home country with little or no resources. Families and individuals find that they have no choice but to register as refugees in order to receive the support they need to survive. Registered refugees are placed in camps with poor living conditions.

One of the oldest refugee camp is the Gaza Camp, established in 1967 during the Arab Israeli conflict and has a population of approximately 30,000 people. Recently, a group of students and teachers from the American Community School of Amman visited the refugee camp to launch a sustainable service relationship with the camp and support the people’s needs.

The Need

Living in the Gaza Camp is challenging. Many families live under asbestos or zinc roofs, which provide little to no insulation during the winter and tend to be very hot during the summer. The camp also lacks a proper sewage system, thus making sanitation and health a challenge to its residents. Additionally, the opportunities for the children of the camp to engage in education and activities are very limited due to the lack of resources.

ACS will be launching various initiatives based on the most urgent needs of the people in the Gaza Camp. These initiatives may range from monetary, clothing, and food donations, to volunteering time and initiating activities for the youth in the camp.  

Our Goal

Our goal is to be able to meet the Gaza Camp community’s needs based on seasonal conditions, as well as needs throughout the course of the year. Through a wide range of projects, ACS students can create opportunities for collaboration to make a positive and sustainable changes in their communities.


A group of six ACS students attended a Global Social Entrepreneurship Summit in Mumbai in February 2015 where they learned about sustainable business models that recognizes the triple bottom line; people, planet, and profit. These students established Crayons for Kids (C4K), a program that distributed crayons and coloring books to children at the refugee registration center and they committed to making the project sustainable. After a year of successful collaboration with the UNHCR’s refugee registration center, the C4K project sought to expand beyond the registration center and into the Gaza refugee camp located in Jerash. The name of the project evolved from C4K to “Humans of Gaza Camp”. One of the main objectives of the upgraded project is to ensure sustainability of the initiatives that will provide support to the refugees.

How You Can Help

Donate. ACS needs funds to get this project up and running. Our projected costs for the first year of operations is $65,000. We welcome donations from schools and organizations who wish to improve living conditions for families, and especially children, of the Gaza Camp. We are also open to partnerships with other schools. Contact us today and find out how you and your community can help.  

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