Staff Bios

Jill Egan

Ms. Jill Egan is the MS/HS Teacher-Librarian at ACS. She believes that the ultimate goal of information literacy is to teach students how to teach themselves: how to access, interpret, curate and produce information; how to be a critical thinkers. 

Layali Kahook

Mrs. Layali Kahook is the Elementary-Teacher Librarian at ACS. She’s passionate about literacy. She wants to help students find the right fit books to read and empower them to become life long learners.

Kelli Emtairah

Mrs. Kelli Emtairah is the Learning Commons Specialist for the Middle School and High School. She loves to help students with all sorts of things, including finding a great book to read, borrowing materials, and reserving spaces to study in the LC.

Deena Abutaha

Ms. Deena Abutaha is the Elementary School Learning Commons Specialist. She wants to help students love reading and show them how to explore new worlds through books. Her favorite quote is by Frederick Douglass who said: “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”