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School Notice


The American Community School Athletic Program provides a broad range of competitive team and individual sports to aid and promote the personal growth and development of our students. ACS is a member of The South Asia Inter-Schools Association (SAISA) and travels internationally to SAISA tournaments in over 7 countries including Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and Oman.  We are also a member of the Amman Athletic Conference (AAC).  ACS currently competes in Badminton, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, and Volleyball. Please refer to our table for our sports and activities tournament information.

SAISA Sport / Activity Location
Art LS (Kathmandu) 
Badminton (Coed) OSC (Colombo)
Band AISC (Chennai)
Boys Basketball TAISM (Muscat)
Girls Basketball AISC (Chennai)
Festival of Choirs TAISM (Muscat)
Boys Soccer LS (Kathmandu) 
SAISA Sport / Activity Location
Girls Soccer OSC (Colombo)
Swimming (Coed) TAISM (Muscat)
Tennis (Coed) ACS (Amman)
Track and Field (Coed) ACS (Amman)
Boys Volleyball ASB (Mumbai) 
Girls Volleyball LS (Kathmandu)