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Beyond the Classroom

After careful consideration of the feedback from the school community, this year we have decided not to run the Week Without Walls program in the high school. Due to the timing of Ramadan and a desire to reduce the financial strain on ACS families we have moved to running three international trips. These are optional as part of our Beyond the Classroom Program. Our South Vietnam House Build, Cambodia and Cape Town trips will be an opportunity for students to gain activity and service hours, but more importantly experience the rich culture of SE Asia and South Africa.  

The trips to SE Asia will be run in mid January and the trip to Cape Town will be run in mid May.  Students will be missing regular class time and it will be treated much the same way we handle our SAISA and activity trips.  With this in mind it is important that parents and students discuss the timing of the trips and the potential implications this would have on their other commitments in the activity programs and their academics.

The first step in committing to one of the Beyond the Classroom trips is to submit the BINDING CONTRACT and payment for your son/daughter's chosen trip. Students will be confirmed on a trip when they make payment to the business office and submit their contract to the HS office.   

Below I have linked the trip itineraries, listed the important dates and included some other relevant trip information.  I will hold an informational session on October 4th @ 6 pm in the Greenroom (second floor of new building). Please don't hesitate to contact Theron Tate if you have any questions or concerns.

Important Dates

  • October 4th - Parent Information Session @ 6 pm (Green Room/ Second floor of the new building)
  • October 29th - Contracts and payment deadline
    • Contracts and deposit due for Cape Town 
    • Contract and final payment due for Vietnam and Cambodia
  • January 31st- Remaining payment deadline for Cape Town.

Trip Information & Itineraries

Educational Travel (etr) will be facilitating all three trips.  We have used etr for the past four years for our Week Without Walls Program.

Southern Vietnam House Build Itinerary

  • January 13th to 20th
  • Trip Leader- Mr. Theron Tate
  • 20 service hours & 10 activity hours

Cambodia Itinerary

  • January 13th to 20th
  • Trip Leader- Mr. Andy Berg
  • 15 service hours & 15 activity hours

Cape Town Itinerary

  • May 5th to 12th
  • Trip Leader- Mr. Mohammad Hourani
  • 15 service hours & 15 activity hours