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SEE:Change Service Opportunities

The Community Service program this year will be focusing on six organizations where all the service activities will be directed. The organizations were selected by students. They visited close to 18 organizations in Jordan and selected the six which their research concluded as the best for the program. The selection of six organizations is made in an effort to have a sustainable school-wide service and larger contributions by our community towards the given organizations. This pledge of support also promotes continuity in service so students improve on many lifelong skills through the activities organized.

All students are expected to take part in community service as a mandatory requirement in high School. Students are highly encouraged to take part in more than one activity. All students in the High School, grades 9 to 12 must either create a new SEE-Change project of their own AND/OR must complete a total of 30 hours engaging in service **within school or service outside of school** with Gaza Camp, Ruwwad, Habitat for Humanity, Reclaim Childhood, Collateral Repair Project and/or Humane Center for Animal Welfare.

Take a look at the service opportunities below and register by clicking on the links.


  • Please be on time and appropriately dressed
  • Remember that your supervisor will be rating your effort and performance (scale of 1 to 5); you must receive a rating of 3 or above to log all of your hours
  • You must attend the Reflection Session (immediately after your chosen activity) to receive your hours (your hours will not count if you do not attend the Reflection Session unless you have spoken to Ms. Zeine or you have made other pre-approved arrangements)
Elementary School Activities
Description Date Number of Hours Received Registration link

We are looking for students to volunteer to run Elementary School activities, under the supervision of a club advisor. The activities begin the week of Sunday, September 30th and will end on Thursday, December 7th. ALL activities will run from 3:15 to 4pm, for a total of 10 weeks. Upon completion, you will receive 10 service hours.

This is a phenomenal service opportunity, especially for those of you who are signed up for activities and clubs that begin after 4pm!

Please rate your top three choices and we will let you know which activity you will be working on by September 27. Please make sure you choose activities and days that DO NOT clash with other commitments.

More information about each activity

September 30 - December 7 10 click here
Photographers Needed for SAISA Swim Meet
Description Date / Time / Number of Hours Received Registration

We are putting together a team of photographers and videographers for the SAISA Swim meet. 


  • Thursday, 25 October 2018
    • 9:15am - Dinner Time
    • During school hours + approximately 3 service hours after school
  • Friday, 26 October 2018
    • 7:30am - Dinner Time
    • Approximately 10 service hours
  • Saturday, 27 October 2018
    • 7:30am - Dinner Time
    • Approximately 12 service hours


See Mr. Jahn in the computer lab to sign up for this great opportunity!
Humane Center for Animal Welfare
Description Date Time Location Registration Link

The Humane Center for Animal Welfare is dedicated to promoting animal welfare in Jordan by providing veterinary services, raising awareness and conducting educational programs. You will be expected to help the HCAW staff with paperwork and other administrative tasks. The volunteer work includes breaks where students will be accompanied by shelter employees to walk the dogs at the shelter. The dogs are very friendly but very energetic. Please make sure you have handled dogs before signing up. Also, make sure that you are not allergic to animals as there are a variety of animals at the shelter that you might interact with.

Please also bring in 2 JODs as a contribution to the shelter; this mandatory by the shelter for all school visitors.

If you sign up, there will be a bus arranged to leave from the school's parking lot and drop-off at the school's parking lot at the end of the activity.

  • Bus leaves the ACS parking lot: 9:30AM, September 22, 2018
  • Bus returns to the ACS parking lot: 1:30PM, September 22, 2018

Please bring a full bottle of water and a snack for the day. Wear old, comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

You will be granted 4 hours to log upon completion of this activity. Remember that your supervisor will be rating your effort; you must receive a 3 or above to log all of your hours. You are required to attend the Reflection Session after the activity to be granted your hours.

September 22, 2018
9:30AM - 1:30PM HCAW  Click Here