We Are

The American Community School in Amman, Jordan

Creators and Innovators

Our students are intellectually curious, and face new situations with openness and flexibility.

Reflective Thinking

Our students give thoughtful consideration to their own learning and experiences. 

Respect and Integrity

Our students act with integrity and respect the dignity of individuals and groups. 

Effective Communicators and Collaborators

Our students confidently express ideas in a variety of ways, often in more than one language. They work effectively with others to solve problems and achieve common goals.

Global Advocacy

Our students appreciate their own culture and the values and traditions of others.

The American Community School

An inclusive and dynamic school that will inspire your child to foster enthusiasm for learning

ACS has an impressive history of providing high-quality education to expatriate and local students. The foundation of our mission, which includes Compassion, Respect, Integrity, and Intellectual Growth, is at the core of all we do. ACS develops confident students, promotes individuality, and celebrates diversity.

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