The American Community School Amman is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools. ACS is proud to have completed the re-accreditation process during the 2019-2020 school year and the school has been awarded accreditation through December 2027.

According to the Middle States Commission, accreditation is the affirmation that a school is providing the level of quality in its educational programs, services, activities, and/or resources expected by its community of stakeholders and endorsed by the education world. When the Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (CESS) accredit a school, they certify that the school meets the prescribed standards of quality of the Middle States Association (MSA).

For our next accreditation cycle, beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, ACS has elected to follow the Action-Research approach in The Sustaining Excellence Protocol. ACS is only the second international school to undertake this method of accreditation and we are excited to be pursuing this innovative method of re-accreditation.

The description of this new protocol and approach are described in the MSA Intro to Sustaining Excellence: A Protocol for Accreditation: 

“The Sustaining Excellence Protocol provides an accreditation protocol option for schools that can demonstrate: 

1) their efficacy, over time, in producing the levels of student performance that are desired and expected by their community of stakeholders and 

2) are recognized as what Doug Reeves calls "leading schools." Leading schools are those schools that are achieving high levels of student performance, have an excellent understanding of the necessary antecedents for those results, and are likely to continue achieving those high results over time” (p. 1).

As an identified “leading school” ACS has been approved by the MSA to undertake our Action Research in Global Advocacy over the next seven years. 

Action research, as defined by MSA, is “about people with a common interest working together to investigate best practices in a quest to adapt skills, techniques, and strategies to address identified areas in need of growth and/or improvement” (MSA, 2016, p. 2) 

The purpose of our action research is to determine the ways in which the students of ACS Amman, through their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and abilities, demonstrate they are global advocates.