We serve as a bridge connecting parents, teachers, and the community.

Offering a wealth of resources and services, from individual counseling to parent workshops, we are here to help everyone navigate the challenges of growing up and learning.

Elementary School Counseling

Elementary school counselors are dedicated to supporting our students' educational journey during their time at ACS. Leveraging our expertise in child development, counseling, and mental health, we serve as compassionate mentors guiding the path to success.

Through our counseling program, we aim to support every elementary school child using the Second Step and Harmony programs. These programs go beyond academics; they focus on nurturing essential life skills.

In the early years of education, our focus is on helping children develop active listening skills, regulate their behavior, and cultivate positive relationships with others. These foundational skills are crucial for a successful future. By the time students reach fifth grade, they are equipped to navigate complex emotions, peer pressure, and social challenges.

Middle School Counseling

The middle school counseling program provides academic, social, emotional, and transitional support for all students throughout their middle school years. We are committed to fostering healthy communication, increasing independence, developing emotional intelligence, and promoting self-advocacy in middle school students. Through one-on-one meetings, small groups, and advisory lessons, we aim to help all students succeed in middle school. We are available for consultation with teachers and parents on all matters related to middle school students.

High School Counseling

The high school counseling program continues to offer academic, social, emotional, and transitional support while initiating the post-graduate planning and preparation journey. High school is more than a path to graduation; it's a unique expedition tailored to students' abilities, talents, and interests.

Starting in 9th grade, we guide students on their educational adventure, covering essential topics such as transcripts, graduation requirements, and opportunities provided by the AP Program. From 10th grade onward, we consider students' career and college dreams in every course selection. Through one-on-one meetings and group sessions, our experienced counselors work to create a personalized plan that aligns with each student's specific interests and goals.

College Counseling

With our strong college counseling program, students are equipped with the skills and tools to explore their diverse options. Over 100 colleges visit our campus every year, allowing students to engage with representatives directly. Our graduates confidently secure acceptances to best-fit universities around the globe, according to individual aspirations, needs, and interests.