Welcome home, Scorpions! No doubt ACS holds a special place in your heart, and your connection with your alma mater can continue to make a meaningful impact.

Nurture Lifelong Friendships

ACS was not just a place of learning; it was where you made lifelong friends, shared experiences, and forged lasting bonds. By staying in touch, you can continue to celebrate each other's successes, offer support during challenging times, and maintain the camaraderie that makes your ACS experience unforgettable.

Mentorship Opportunities

As alumni, you possess valuable knowledge and experience that can greatly benefit current students. Become a mentor or offer career advice to help shape the future of the next generation.

Give Back

Alumni support is vital for the continued growth and development of the school. Your contributions, whether they are financial or through volunteering your time, can play a pivotal role in enhancing the educational experience for future students. Be part of a tradition of giving that keeps ACS thriving.

Professional Networking

Staying connected with your alma mater provides an invaluable network of professionals. Whether you're looking for career opportunities or seeking to collaborate on new ventures, ACS alumni can be a source of support and inspiration.

Stay Connected

  • Connect with us using our contact form and walk down memory lane with friends.
  • Ask for an Alumni ID Badge to give you access to the campus and school events.
  • Send pictures; we want photos of your time at ACS! Include names of people in the photo and any story behind it.