ACS is dedicated to using Educational Technology to help students achieve the understanding, skills, and attitude they need to achieve personal fulfillment, be responsible citizens, do meaningful work, and pursue lifelong learning.

Embracing Technology

In the modern educational landscape, technology is a powerful ally, offering a multitude of benefits to students. It expands access to resources, personalizes learning, makes lessons engaging, fosters collaboration, and equips students with crucial skills for the future job market. Technology is also an essential tool in creating a more inclusive and sustainable educational environment. Embracing technology prepares our students for a future where it is an integral part of their lives and work.

As of 5th grade, students are required to bring their laptops to school and integrate technology into their lessons.

ACS is a Common Sense School, earning the badge as a symbol of our school's dedication and commitment to helping students think critically and use technology responsibly to learn, create, participate, and share.


Two boys happily holding iPads while enjoying their time outdoors.

1:1 iPad program

For our youngest learners, we offer a 1:1 iPad program from Early Years through grade 4 where students use devices provided by ACS to support instruction in class.