The American Community School campus accommodates over 750 students from over 45 nationalities. Facilities include 65 classrooms, five purpose-built, state of the art science laboratories, two computer laboratories, one library, a sports and fine arts center, a playing field, two tennis courts, and facilities for art, drama and music education. Below you will find more detailed information about the facilities that make ACS so unique.

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Auditorium and Natatorium 

The ACS Auditorium and Natatorium Project is an expansion to the existing campus with a total built up area of 8,000 square meters. The new building consists of a semi-Olympic FINA regulation swimming pool, a 504-seat high end theater with cutting edge technology and a gymnasium/multipurpose space with an indoor running track.  The building also includes large landscaped and hardscaped areas which will be incorporated with the existing school campus. 

Tennis Courts

The Tennis Courts have been refurbished in the summer of 2019 to be a multi-purpose area which is a dedicated space for the Physical Education classes and after school activities as well as tennis courts for our thriving Tennis program at ACS. The floor of the newly refurbished space is a state of the art acrylic flooring which is a specialized tennis floor used in worldwide competitions. 

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons at ACS Amman opened its doors in November 2014. In this physical and virtual learning hub of the school you will find students and teachers alike honing their expertise alongside the school’s leaders in curriculum, literacy, research, and technology. Building off of the metaphors described by educational futurist, David Thornburg, the Learning Commons at ACS Amman offers “cave” spaces for students seeking quiet, reflective, and independent learning opportunities; “watering holes” for formal and informal group study; and, “campfires” for larger expert-led instruction. In addition to housing the print and digital resources to feed the minds of our students, the Learning Commons provides an inviting cafe where food and beverages are available to nourish the bodies of our students. The Learning Commons at ACS addresses the needs of today’s learners, and its flexible design will adapt to the inevitable changes in education.

ES Learning Commons

The Elementary School Learning Commons is a dynamic learning hub, easily accessible to our elementary school learners. Filled with books and reading nooks, our space is designed to provide engaging learning experiences that focus on literacy and inquiry.

Audio, Visual, and Technology

ACS maintains many spaces where students can congregate to share knowledge, work on projects, build and learn. These spaces include a maker space, computer labs, photo and video studios and a drop in jam space in the Learning Commons.  The goal of these spaces is to empower students to find innovative solutions to complex problems that benefit their global community.



Art is a very important program at ACS and is incorporated into the curriculum at all levels from K-12. There is one classroom for elementary school art production and one classroom for middle and high school art production. Students have access to traditional art resources including drawing, painting, printmaking, and some 3-D formative materials. There is one teacher for elementary and one teacher for both middle and high school Visual Arts classes.  

Cafeteria and Cafe

ACS has a cafeteria dining space for students which is managed by an outside company. Nutritionists have tailor-made a menu that provides healthy, nutritious, quality meals for our students. Students have a variety of hot and cold options to choose from daily.

In addition to the full-service cafeteria, the Learning Commons features a cafe that serves a variety of healthy sandwiches, salads, fruits, pastries, beverages, and snacks. Students can purchase items from the cafe throughout the day, during breaks and at lunch.

MS Commons

The Middle School Commons provides a welcoming environment and effective learning space for our Middle School Students. The goal of this new addition to the Middle School is to provide students with a space to socialize, an environment for alternative teaching methods, and an area for individual and small-group work. The Commons serves as a hub for the Middle School; a place where students and faculty gather to learn from one another. The student experience at the Middle School is enhanced through the addition of the Commons and positively contributes to the development of our community.

MS Maker Space

The Middle School design tech classroom is a dynamic learning environment that continues to grow and develop as students settle into the new space. The room is stocked with a variety of learning materials from 3D printers and a laser cutter to Lego Robots and MicroBits. The goal of this space is to provide middle school students with an opportunity to explore their passions and develop innovative solutions to problems in their school, community, and world.