Principal's Message

Welcome to the ACS Elementary School!

Our visitors are struck by the energy, joy, and passion seen in each learning space and on the playground. The elementary school is committed to delivering a comprehensive curriculum while also focusing on the social-emotional growth of all students. Educating the minds of future leaders requires the development of foundational and critical thinking skills.

The safe and secure learning environment at ACS fosters intellectual growth and independence with a focus on maintaining a caring community. We strive to create a strong sense of community between students, parents, and faculty.  This is evident not only through the constant flow of parents through the hallways on any given day but also through the attendance of our community members at our numerous family events throughout the year.

Students leave the elementary school with a strong set of foundational and critical thinking skills, as well as compassionate and well-rounded members of the community who embody our ACS mission.

With Regards,

Michelle Alzamora
Elementary School Principal

Program Overview

Our goal is to support students who apply knowledge to create a positive impact. Through hands-on programs, we cultivate critical thinkers, innovators, effective communicators, and collaborators. Our child-centered approach ensures each student's unique talents shine.

The elementary school adheres to rigorous academic standards, including Common Core for English and math, Next Generation Science Standards, C3 Framework for Social Studies, National Core Arts standards, and ACTFL standards for Arabic to ensure our students thrive in the U.S. and worldwide.

Begin your journey with EYP

The Early Years Program offers a comprehensive education that extends beyond the traditional classroom setting. Our curriculum revolves around in-depth, project-based studies that delve into topics that resonate with children's everyday lives, such as Simple Machines, Bread, Buildings, Clothes, Signs, and many more. Within each study, our students are encouraged to raise questions, explore, experiment, and investigate hands-on, both inside the classroom and outdoors.

In the EYP, we define creativity as the ability to think of new ideas, ask questions, and learn through trial and error. Through our innovative curriculum and supportive environment, we empower students to embrace their natural curiosity, think critically, and express themselves creatively.

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