Our Student Profile serves as the guiding principle that shapes our curriculum and educational approach. It encompasses the values, skills, and attributes essential for cultivating well-rounded individuals.

Through the Student Profile, our objective is to nurture academically accomplished, socially responsible, and resilient students who become outstanding and contributing global citizens. ACS students apply their knowledge and understanding to make a positive difference in the world.


ACS students demonstrate
exemplary personal traits of…

  • Respect, Compassion & Integrity - Our students act with compassion and integrity while respecting the dignity of individuals and groups. They take responsibility for their actions and are aware of how their actions impact others.
  • Global Advocacy - Our students appreciate the traditions of others and value their own culture. They apply their knowledge and understanding to advocate and act in the service of others and the environment.
  • Reflective Thinking - Our students give thoughtful consideration to their learning and experiences. They proactively address problems, set goals, and take intellectual risks.

ACS students demonstrate
habits of learning as…

  • Critical and Analytical Thinkers - Our students exercise initiative in applying thinking skills to recognize and approach complex problems and make reasoned, ethical decisions.
  • Creators & Innovators - Our Students are intellectually curious and face new situations with openness and flexibility.
  • Effective Communicators and Collaborators - Our students confidently express ideas in a variety of ways, often in more than one language. They work effectively with others to solve problems and achieve common goals.