Strategic Priorities

In September 2014, ACS launched the next strategic thinking phase where the 2015 - 2020 plan would focus more on the elements of teaching, learning, and community building rather than some of the more operational components of the previous strategic plan. The new plan would identify the elements that would directly impact the development of our community, with the primary focus being on students.

Listed below you will find the four key strategic areas and objectives that were identified:

Strategic Priority #1 - Teaching and Learning 2016-2020

Outcome: We will provide students with a rigorous standards-based program of study and effective classroom instruction grounded in real-life experiences that are relevant and developmentally appropriate.

Context: We are a learning-focused school. To prepare students to be effective and contributing citizens, they must have the knowledge, skills, and competencies to face the changing dynamics of the world.

Objective #1: Develop and deliver a guaranteed and viable standards-based curriculum in all subject areas that is rigorous and relevant.

Objective #2: Develop assessment literacy of faculty, students, and parents.

Objective #3: Ensure the planning and delivery of effective instruction results in active student engagement and is characterized by actual evidence that students have learned.

Objective #4: Refine professional learning communities to monitor the learning of each student whereby we provide systematic opportunities for intervention and extension/enrichment.

Objective #5: Implement forward thinking and attractive Human Resources and Professional Learning plans to attract, support, and retain skilled teachers who exemplify the ACS Teacher Profile.

Click here to view the Strategic Priority 1 Action Plan 2016-2020.


Strategic Priority #2 - Learning Environments

Outcome: We will provide a safe, respectful, and effective learning community. We will make creative use of environmentally sustainable spaces that celebrate student learning and inspire collaboration, innovation, creativity, and communication through multiple means.

Context: A positive, respectful, and productive school climate is conducive to student achievement. Purposefully and thoughtfully designed learning environments; both physical and virtual, have an impact on student learning.

Objective #1: Maintain, refine and enhance systems that create a culture of respect and integrity within the ACS community.

Objective #2: Provide facilities that ensure the structure that showcase student learning and  inspire creativity and innovation, allow for global connectivity, where students can communicate through multiple means.

Objective #3: Refine and enhance learning environments that promote the Learning Behaviors outlined in the ACS Student Profile.  (Critical and Analytical thinkers, Creators and Innovators, Communicators and Collaborators)

Objective #4: Create and implement a focused and dynamic environmental awareness program.

Objective #5: Students will have a variety of academic and leisure resources available through the Learning Commons.

Click here to view the Strategic Priority 2 Action Plan 2016-2020.


Strategic Priority #3: Community Engagement

Outcome: We will strengthen our relationships with each other and seek focused opportunities to contribute to our local and global community.

Context: Respect is a cornerstone of the ACS Mission. Regardless of nationality, religion, or language, our school is a welcoming, compassionate, and respectful community.

Objective #1: Develop and expand service opportunities in the Elementary and Middle School, and strengthen existing programs in High School.

Objective #2: Ensure effective communication to enhance community engagement.

Objective #3: Design and provide rich, multiple, and ongoing opportunities for the ACS community to explore and learn about the rich cultural and historical heritage of Jordan.

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Strategic Priority #4 - Healthy Balance

Outcome: We will be thoughtful and intentional in our decisions and actions to promote balanced and healthy lifestyles for our community.

Context: A healthy lifestyle is crucial to high performance.  Healthier people are happier and more productive.

Objective #1: Institutionalize a  wellness ethos within the ACS community, to include physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.

Objective #2: Educate the ACS community about healthy life choices that includes strategies for on-going support.

Objective #3: Organize regular opportunities for the ACS community to learn about wellness-related information, including opportunities and support organizations available.

Objective #4: Provide rich and ample opportunities for students to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities and to learn about career opportunities.

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