In line with the ACS Mission and Beliefs, Student Profile, and our commitment to Global Advocacy, ACS aspires to be a place free from any form of oppression or prejudice.

Social justice,  anti-racism, and standing up for the human rights of all, are at the core of our commitment to diversity and equity. This learning is essential for community building and for our students to thrive and succeed in our diverse and increasingly globalized world.

We realize that being fortunate enough to have over 45 nationalities in our community is not enough. To be truly diverse, we will include, embrace, and celebrate a variety of identities and differences, as well as acknowledge those identities and differences that are not represented. To be truly equitable, we will recognize and act on the challenges, social identities, experiences, and needs of marginalized groups and individuals. We will also ensure that beliefs, policies, and power structures create opportunities and outcomes that are truly equal, fair, and accessible to all; meaning that each person receives what they need to develop to their fullest potential. 

Global Advocacy

Our dedication to Global Advocacy centers around cultivating an appreciation for diverse traditions among our students while emphasizing the significance of their own cultural identity. We encourage them to apply their knowledge and understanding to advocate for others and the environment. This entails active engagement with global issues, including well-being, environmental concerns, and poverty, both within and beyond the classroom.

Students of all ages acquire transdisciplinary global skills, adopted from Community Catalyst Partners, a longstanding organization setting the standard for global education. These skills encompass: