Nothing takes precedence over the safety of our children. Children learn best in an environment of safety and happiness.

The well-being of a child is pivotal for achieving both academic and holistic success. Child abuse and neglect represent significant global concerns, constituting violations of a child's fundamental human rights while impeding their healthy development and educational progress. ACS wholeheartedly supports the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, of which our host country, Jordan, is a signatory, particularly concerning articles addressing child abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse.

Educational institutions must play a vital role in safeguarding children. It is our obligation to ensure that all children under our care experience a secure, nurturing environment conducive to their growth and development, both within and beyond the school premises. Educators and school staff, due to their consistent interactions with children, are uniquely positioned to identify those in need of assistance and protection. When such situations are recognized, it is our duty to facilitate the necessary services to address child abuse or neglect.

  • Every staff member at ACS is mandated to report any suspected incidents of child abuse or neglect. Reporting and subsequent actions will adhere to the ACS Child Protection Policy.
  • Moreover, cases of suspected child abuse or neglect may be reported to the appropriate employer, the respective embassy in Amman, relevant child protection agencies in the home country, and local authorities.

ACS firmly upholds that a child's welfare is of paramount importance. Every child has the unequivocal right to physical, sexual, psychological, and emotional safeguarding. ACS strives to create a safe haven for students who may be experiencing abuse or neglect in any facet of their lives. Accordingly, ACS commits to annually disseminate this policy to all parents and new hires, emphasize its significance to students, provide regular training for all staff, and diligently employ hiring practices that prioritize child safety.

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