The ACS Board of Trustees plays a crucial role in our institution's success and development. 

They have three primary responsibilities:

  1. Appointment and Evaluation of the Superintendent:
    They select and assess our educational leader to ensure a vision for excellence.
  2. Review and Establishment of Policy:
    They shape the foundational policies that promote equity, inclusivity, and innovation.
  3. Oversight of School Finances and Facilities:
    They manage financial resources for the institution's sustainability and plan strategically to continually improve facilities.

The Board of Trustees is appointed by the American Community Organization (ACO), composed of parents and institution employees. Their service is voluntary, and they bring extensive experience in education, strategy, budgeting, and finance. Their dedication is the backbone of our institution's continued growth.

ACS student being curious

Board Members

The Board of Trustees consists of seven elected voting members and a US Ambassador's Representative. 

Board of Trustees 2023 - 2025

  • Christian Torres
  • Natalie Muasher
  • Laura Antouno
  • Zaina Dawani
  • Bethany Haberer
  • Kelsey Worley
  • Majd Abulzahab
  • Tony Blenke (US Ambassador's Representative)