Arts Facilities


After seven years of planning, design, and construction, the Arts Center of ACS Amman opened its doors in early 2017. This arts space’s mission is to inspire the music and theatre education of the students of our community. The Center comprises a band room, a recording studio, two music classrooms, and three practice spaces, filled with a wide range of instruments and audio equipment, as well as a studio theatre for drama classes and small events along with our state-of-the-art theatre that houses a 500-seat audience, a fully equipped backstage and wood shop, and some of the most advanced audio / visual equipment in the country.

Art Rooms

Art is a very important program at ACS and is incorporated into the curriculum at all levels from K-12. There is one classroom for elementary school art production and one classroom for middle and high school art production. Students have access to traditional art resources including drawing, painting, printmaking, and some 3D formative materials. There is one teacher for elementary and one teacher for both middle and high school Visual Arts Classes.

Band Room

The ACS band facilities boast a spacious classroom, in which a full concert band can rehearse. The instrument inventory includes a full range of concert band instruments, from piccolo to string bass and everything in between. There is also a well-equipped percussion inventory, with both concert and marching style instruments. The room is wired for sound, recording, and projection. It's a stunning space in which to learn, rehearse, and teach.