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Superintendent's Message

I proudly introduce to you our community of approximately 800 students representing 40 different nationalities.  Thank you for taking time to “check us out”.

ACS inspires individuals to become self-motivated learners and compassionate citizens who demonstrate respect, act with integrity, and seek intellectual growth in a culture of high expectations.

Larry McIlvain, ACS Superintendent

Larry enjoying mansaf

We want our school to be like a meal featuring Jordan’s national dish…Mansaf. Mansaf consists of a huge platter of rice served with a yogurt based stew and meat on top. What makes this dish special is that it is a communal dish that is eaten with friends, family and honored guests standing around this large platter.

While eating, participants share stories, laugh together, discuss the latest politics, sometime argue, and occasionally share their sorrow.  Mansaf is traditionally served to celebrate successes, to welcome new members, or to mourn.  This is much like our community; we come together to support and encourage each other and share our desire to make learning irresistible.

When we look at our students, we do not just see who they are now, but we also envision who they can become. Every day, in every class, we strive to invigorate and challenge their thinking, to push their creativity, to build their confidence, and to prepare them with the skills and aptitudes to face any challenge the world may toss their way. We also understand that our students learn in different ways and have different talents and skills. Our task, as a school, is to find how your child learns best and to tailor our instruction to your child’s specific needs. 

We are both honored and humbled to be a partner with parents, as we collectively build the foundation of their children’s character in a climate of support, encouragement, and intellectual risk taking.  

The brick and mortar of the buildings do not determine a student’s success but rather the relationships built and contributions made. When you visit our school, I am confident you will feel the strong sense of community and caring. You will also be able to observe first hand the passion and energy our engaged staff have for our work that drives our commitment to providing an outstanding education for our students. 

I look forward to welcoming you to ACS.  Please stop by and say hello. 


Larry McIlvain