A strong Board of Trustees is crucial to the ongoing success and development of the school. The ACS Board of Trustees has three primary functions:

  1. To appoint/evaluate the Superintendent.
  2. To review and establish policy.
  3. To oversee school finances.

Board of Trustee members are elected by the American Community Organization (ACO). Members of the ACO include parents of students at ACS and employees of ACS, per the laws and bylaws of the ACO. The members of the Board of Trustees serve on a volunteer basis and bring a wealth of experience in education, strategic development, budgeting, business and finance. 

There are two categories of Board members:

Category #1: Official American

  • ACO members who are U.S. Embassy Jordan employees.

Category #2: At Large

  • All ACO members. 

The Board of Trustees meets once per month.