Parent Profile

ACS inspires individuals to become self-motivated learners and compassionate citizens who demonstrate respect, act with integrity, and seek intellectual growth in a culture of high expectations. 

It is the belief of ACS that the success of our students can only take place when there is a positive partnership between parents and the school. To ensure parents fully understand what is expected of them they are asked to affirm their willingness to be part of this partnership by adhering to the points listed below:

As a member and stakeholder of the ACS community, I agree to:

  • read and promote the ACS Mission;

  • model the Mission of ACS for my child in my day-to-day behaviors;

  • be an advocate for ACS in the larger community;

  • model respect to all ACS staff and ACS parents in my communication with them;

  • seek to resolve issues/concerns in a positive way by following the appropriate lines of communication and not engage in defamatory discussions that can be divisive and hurtful to others, especially on social media and messaging platforms.

  • not put other parents, staff, or students in a social position where they are faced with making choices that may not be aligned with their own religious or moral values outside of school; 

  • meet my financial obligations in a timely manner;

  • find ways to volunteer my time at ACS when possible and actively contribute to the positive atmosphere of the school;

  • be an active partner in my child' education by attending school events, parent conferences, as well as provide them with support at home and other school activities;

  • understand that ACS is an inclusive learning institution that presents a range of political economic, religious and social ideas without promoting anyone;

  • adhere to the policies and guidelines outlined by ACS;

  • follow the rules and laws of the host country;

  • commit to reading all information that comes from the school through What's Going On?, newsletters, SMS, etc.,

  • always assume that school decisions are made with the best interest of my child and the greater ACS community in mind;

  • actively supervise my child when at ACS events;

  • provide a safe, nurturing and healthy environment at home that is conducive to my child's well being and learning.



Child Protection Policy

ACS is committed to safeguarding all children and providing a safe environment for all members of our community.

While parents are on campus, you must:

  • wear your badge and make it visible at all times;

  • not take photos of children other than your own;

  • not ask students for personal information;

  • speak with a school employee if you have a concern about child safety.

The ACS Board of Trustees Policy 7-915 outlines the school's commitment to child protection. The policy states:

ACS will have a regularly reviewed Child Protection document on measures and processes that:

  • define abuse based on generally acceptable definitions. (see 7-916R)

  • clearly outlines investigative and reporting process in the event issues of abuse are raised. (see 7-916R)

  • required all staff to sign a Code of Conduct which is reviewed each year with all employees

  • Educates the community about preventative measures to protect children.

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