At ACS we believe that your child’s education does not stop with books. Healthy eating patterns and exercise are essential for students to achieve their academic potential, full physical and mental growth, and lifelong health and well-being.

The Health Center at ACS established the Wellness Program in 2010 to support the academic curriculum and ensure that students are receiving the best education while feeling their best at ACS. The program includes educational opportunities and access to local health practitioners. The aim is to promote healthy lifelong habits and to provide you with support and encouragement in adapting to a healthy lifestyle.

As part of the Wellness Program, the Health Center's responsibilities include:

  • keeping parents informed on latest medical and health concerns and following up with parents on a case by case basis
  • regular screening of students to ensure student's good health and well being
  • providing First Aid and CPR training to staff, students and parents
  • bringing doctors to campus to provide medical support and vaccinations
  • checking on the quality of the food that is offered in the cafeteria to make sure it is aligned with the school's nutritional goals
  • preparing first aid boxes with EpiPens for school trips and activities
  • organizing Wellness Fairs to educate the community on good health and to connect families with local health practitioners