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English as an Additional Language

EAL Philosophy

The goal of the EAL program is to offer a strong foundation in English academic language. This allows English Language Learners to access grade level content, be engaged in their own learning, and build self-confidence as they meet the challenges and grow in the school's academic and social contexts.

EAL Language Support

ACS offers language support at different levels for students of dual or multilingual speaking backgrounds, in order that they may participate in all aspects of school life.  Depending on the language needs, a student identified as requiring EAL services will be provided with the most suitable level of support.

The ACS EAL model aims to integrate limited or multilingual students who demonstrate gaps in academic English proficiency students into the whole of the curriculum as quickly as possible by:

  • Bringing each student’s English up to a level where he/she can function satisfactorily in regular academic classes.
  • Paralleling the skills and content of the regular classes, but in a modified language that is suitable for the EAL learner.
  • Helping students to understand cultural differences and to adapt to the culture and expectations of an American curriculum school.
  • Supporting students in the transition from EAL supported classes to mainstream after exiting the program.
  • Assisting students in becoming socially integrated.

The EAL model aims to provide a highly flexible and student-centered program that emphasizes the skills needed for the student to make a smooth transition into all mainstream classes, both academically and socially.