ES Arabic Program


Teaching Arabic  in elementary school is based on a comprehensive approach that focuses on developing students' language skills in a meaningful and engaging manner. At ACS Amman, we follow the ACTFL Standards and Proficiency Guidelines to ensure that our students receive a high-quality education in Arabic.

Arabic is compulsory from EYP to grade 5, where EYP joins native and non-native speakers in one class. Students from KG - 5 are then distributed in native Arabic and non-native Arabic classes based on their language level.

 Arabic for Native Speakers focuses on reading and listening comprehension, as well as expressing ideas through both oral and written communication. To extend learning beyond the classroom, we plan authentic and conceptual-based experiences that allow students to apply their knowledge in real-world situations. We use a variety of resources that are suitable for the level of our students and support their language development and ensure their growth, including the Ministry of Education curriculum, Alefbata platform, Twinkl platform, in addition to "I Read Arabic" reading platform, and different Lebanese resources. Our goal is to provide students with a solid foundation in Arabic that they can build upon as they progress through their education at ACS Amman.

Arabic for Non-Native Speakers encourages proficiency growth, with a focus on communication and appreciation of the Arabic culture. Our students examine and use authentic cultural resources and texts that are chosen mainly from different Jordanian and Lebanese resources. Our students also have access to a variety of online platforms for reading and listening, which allows them to identify general topics and some basic information in everyday contexts. Our focus is for the students to be able to communicate with people in daily situations by practicing what they've learned and showing basic cultural awareness. They also use the Arabic language and the knowledge they gain to investigate, explain, and reflect on the relationship between cultural practices, products, and perspectives.

Contact Time during the 8-day Rotation

Early Years Program

2x20 mins=40 mins

Kindergarten 4x40 mins=160 mins
Grade 1 5x40 mins=200 mins
Grade 2 7x50 mins=350 mins
Grade 4 7x50 mins=350 mins 
Grade 5 7x50 mins=350 mins

Grade 5 Arabic Presentation