The Counseling Office is made up of two counselors and an administrative assistant, who collaborate with others in the community to support HS students' academic, college/career and social/emotional needs. To achieve this, they work in close partnership with parents and students to make sure that informed decisions are taken at all stages leading up to graduation and beyond. 
During this exciting 4-year journey, they are dedicated to helping each and every student and parent in navigating these important years. From the tentative beginnings of career exploration, to the final decision of post graduation plans, they take pride in understanding our students. They equip our students with the most current tools and information according to individual needs, interests and ambitions. Our experienced counselors incorporate practical research tools to connect each college-bound student with the institutions of higher learning that are the best fit for the student.  

The Counseling Office has developed close ties with institutions of higher learning worldwide and hosts over 300 colleges a year to visit the ACS campus and personally meet our students to present their programs.  With acceptances last year that include Princeton, UCL, and Toronto, just to name a few, we take pride in all the college acceptances that our students secure.  While we celebrate our students’ successes and help them learn from disappointments, our greatest rewards come as we witness our students grow in self-advocacy, confidence and discernment, knowing they are prepared to leave the safety of ACS and thrive as scholars, collaborators, innovators and leaders at the college level and beyond.

It's a gift to be a member of a community with a rich cultural mix of ideas, backgrounds, and beliefs. ACS prepared me to engage with the global community that I’ve found at university.

Aisha Suleiman, '22