High School Profile 2020/2021

Due to Covid-19, ACS went fully online from March 22 until the end of the second semester. Teachers took attendance, taught lessons virtually, assigned homework and continued to assess students. A-F grades were still awarded and a GPA was calculated as usual.

Quick Facts

  • 809 Total Students
  • 224 HS students
  • 50 students Class of 2021
  • 48 nationalities 


  • Rotating 75-minute block schedule
  • English is language of instruction
  • Semester class = 0.5 Carnegie units
  • Standards based grading
  • Non-selective enrollment 

Grading Key

Graduation Requirements

SAT Mean Scores

Weighted GPA Distribution for Class of 2021-Junior Year

Application Policies

  • No ranking due to transient nature of population.
  • All recommendations are confidential.
  • GPA is cumulative
  • Only Grades 9-12 courses completed at ACS are included in GPA.


Advanced Placement

  • 10th Grade Students can take AP World History or AP Computer Science Principles.
  • 11th and 12th Grade students can take maximum of 3 APs.
  • This year we are offering 19 AP subjects and A-level Arabic.

High School Courses Offered at ACS